The Case of the Golden Idol is coming to Nintendo Switch very soon



The excellent murder mystery puzzler was previously only available on PC and Mac, but you’ll be able to get it on Switch on May 25th.

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The Case of the Golden Idol, a very good murder mystery point-and-click adventure that was one of my favorite games from last year, is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 25th, developer Color Gray Games announced on Thursday. The game has so far only been available on PC and Mac, so the launch on Switch could bring it to a big audience of new players.

In The Case of the Golden Idol, you’re tasked with putting together clues in largely static scenes to figure out exactly what might have happened at that moment in time. In addition to trying to piece together who struck a killing blow, you’ll also have to puzzle through certain elements that might change from scene to scene, like the names of characters and where they were sitting at a dinner table. Solving puzzles in the game made me feel like a genius, and the experience is made that much better with its strangely grotesque pixel art style and sometimes spooky soundtrack.

On Switch, Golden Idol will have a control scheme developed specifically for gamepads, but if you’d prefer to use the touchscreen, you’ll be able to do that, too. Switch players will also be able to purchase the game’s recently released prequel expansion, The Spider of Lanka, which adds three new scenarios to tackle. I played through it in two sittings a couple of weeks ago and loved it, and I highly recommend picking it up alongside the base game.


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