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The Force is strong with Homesick’s new Star Wars candle collection

Ever wondered what the Death Star smells like?

Well, wonder no more: The fragrance and lifestyle brand Homesick has teamed up with Lucasfilm for an all-new Star Wars collection. Making an apt debut on May the Fourth, its lineup includes three candles inspired by locations from the beloved sci-fi franchise and a car freshener shaped like The Mandalorian‘s adorable Grogu:

  • Tatooine (named after Luke and Anakin Skywalker’s dusty home planet), which features warm, fresh notes of juniper and desert shrub.

  • Endor (a reference to the forested moon where you’ll find Ewoks), a woodsy scent with notes of fern and pine needles.

  • The Death Star (an homage to the Galactic Empire’s superweapon), which pulls on notes of smoked amber, leather, and black myrrh for a rich, musky burn.

  • Grogu car freshener (that’s The Child to you), a Baby Yoda-shaped tag with calming notes of gardenia, lavender, and rosemary.

Prices range from $12 for the car freshener to $44 per candle, with the option to print a personalized message on any candle’s jar for an extra $15.

“When we started to think about how to approach the collection, we tapped into our roots creating fragrances based on the places people truly love and long for,” Homesick general manager Lauren Lamagna said in a press release. “With Tatooine, Endor, and the Death Star, we’ve created a collection that not only represents some of the most iconic locations and moments in the Star Wars galaxy, but in movie history.”

Credit: Homesick
homesick's tatooine candle and grogu car fresher in front of a pastel gradient

Credit: Homesick

Made with Homesick’s usual soy wax blend, the collection’s three candles come in special packaging that depicts scenes from the location their fragrances represent. In a brand first, they also include new dual-sided labels that reveal secret artwork as they burn — some fun Easter eggs for fans.

Homesick first hit the market in 2016 with a small series of candles reminiscent of U.S. states and has since expanded its range to almost 200 different products designed to invoke memories of ultra-specific occasions and events, from weddings to 4/20 and Grandma’s Kitchen. But how do you come up with scents for a universe that doesn’t exist IRL?

“Even though we couldn’t visit the places that inspired the fragrances, we were able to take a lot from the movies and written reference materials,” Emeka McQuade, director of PR & Partnerships at Win Brands Group (Homesick’s parent company), told Mashable in an email. “Tatooine is a great example — we know it’s a desert planet and can recreate the scents of desert plants like dune grass and sage bush.”

McQuade added that Homesick’s approach to fragrance isn’t solely based on matching scents, but also tapping into the vibes of different scents to kindle certain moods and emotions. For instance, warm notes of copal were added to the Tatooine candle to play off the feeling you’d get while standing in the glow of its twin suns.

And yes, everything is technically canon: Developing the collection “was a collaborative process that involved multiple samples and iterations run past the folks at Lucasfilm to ensure we were landing the fragrances just right,” McQuade said.

Click here to shop the full collection.

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