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The Revlon One-Step makes styling your hair beyond simple, and it’s on sale for under $30

Save $32.38: As of Aug. 22, the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush(opens in a new tab) is on sale for just $27.62 at Amazon. Though the product usually sits well below its $60 MSRP, a 15% on-page coupon makes these savings extra special.

To Dyson Airwrap or not to Dyson Airwrap?

This is the question nearly every person with hair long enough to blow dry and style has asked themselves within the past couple of years. It is a question I have also personally investigated, and I’m here to report that the easy blowout look does not require spending $600.

One of the best Dyson dupes money can buy is the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush — also known simply as the Revlon One-Step. It’s one of Mashable’s top dupe picks and a tool I can personally vouch for. And as of Aug. 22, you can snag the Revlon One-Step for a mere $27.62(opens in a new tab) at Amazon.

The One-Step has a $60 MSRP(opens in a new tab), but it’s almost always on sale for $35 or less these days. However, it drops below $30 with much less frequency. At the time of writing, Target(opens in a new tab), Walmart(opens in a new tab), and Ulta(opens in a new tab) all had the One-Step above $32, making Amazon’s deal stand out even more.

The One-Step’s round brush, which can be set to three different temperatures, allows you to smooth, volumize, and blow out your hair in one fell swoop — no balancing a hair dryer and round brush required.

You’ll want to avoid using the One-Step as your dedicated hair dryer — exposing your hair to that much heat in such close proximity will damage it. I found that I get the best results when working on hair that’s about 80% dry. And be sure to apply heat protectant beforehand.

Credit: Revlon

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