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This coat heats itself — and it’s on sale for over 75% off

TL;DR: The CALDO-X Heated Jacket is just $59.99 at the Mashable Shop as of Dec. 6.

You might actually enjoy winter if you didn’t have to feel so cold all the time. And luckily, there’s an easy fix for that thanks to modern technology. Meet the CALDO-X Heated Jacket.

Available in multiple color options, the heated jacket by CALDO-X can help you do it all this winter without taking time to complain about the frigid temperatures. First of all, this coat is completely weather-proof. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or just extremely windy, this coat has you covered — literally. Plus, it looks just like other fashionable coats on the market, so no one will ever have to know that you’re actually plugged into your own private heat source.

This coat is fashioned with flat zipper panels, stylish zipper pulls, and even features a detachable hood, so you can wear it in any situation. With an advanced heat-trapping insulated layer, it’ll already be warmer than other coats you own, even before you turn on the heat source.

Speaking of that heat, it comes from heated panels made of ultra-fine carbon fiber that line the upper back of the jacket, the collar, and the front packets. You’ll be totally wrapped in warmth at every angle. The power bank that makes the whole thing run rests in the inner pocket of the jacket, and from there, provides up to eight hours of total heat usage without having to return it for a charge.

Could this be the winter you finally get out and enjoy the cold? Normally the CALDO-X electric jacket retails for $259, since it’s completely weatherproof and features eight hours of unmatched heating time. But for a limited time (and just in time for the holidays!) you can slash 76% off and snag it for just $59.99.

Credit: Caldo Jacket

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