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This cooling memory foam pillow might be your chance at better sleep

TL;DR: As of August 4, you can get the Carbon SnoreX™ Cooling Pillow(opens in a new tab) for just $49.99 instead of $59.99 — that’s a 16% discount.

It may seem simple, but pillows and how you sleep on them can actually affect the health of your spine, among other things. If you think you could use a pillow upgrade, check out the Carbon SnoreX™ 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow. Memory Foam, allergy-resistant, with a construction that could help keep your spine aligned(opens in a new tab), this pillow is on sale for $49.99, marked down from $59. 

The Carbon SnoreX™ is a unique pillow that does more than just give your head a place to rest, but it does that well, too. The Carbon SnoreX™ has a unique design that claims to help support the head, neck, and shoulders. An armrest on either side provides an ergonomic place for your arms to go while you sleep, and the anti-snore neck support channel is built to support your spine and help reduce snoring through the night.

Made from memory foam and Graphene with a layer of infused copper, this pillow can provide neck and head support(opens in a new tab) and the copper may help protect against allergens and bacteria which are killed when exposed to copper. Also built into this pillow is activated carbon that could help absorb odors, and moisture, and prevent mold growth.

All of this is coated in the Ice Cool cover which is cool to the touch and may help reduce moisture as you sleep. Comfortable, and supportive, with a design that could reduce snoring, neck pain, sweat, and more, this pillow could be your key to a more restful sleep.

Give yourself a pillow that’s probably more advanced than the bed you put it on. For a limited time, get the Carbon SnoreX™ Cooling Pillow(opens in a new tab) on sale for $49.99 (Reg. $59). 

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Avibaba Distributors

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