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This digital photo frame makes a great last-minute Mother’s Day gift — and it’s on sale

SAVE 38%: If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone close to you, this Nixplay Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame is a great option. It’s on sale at Amazon for $129.99 as a deal of the day, which is down 38% from its regular price of $209.99.

Mother’s Day is now less than a week away, and you already know Mom is expecting due appreciation for her efforts in raising you. Flowers are nice and all, but they’re a little unoriginal as recompense for 18 years of heavy responsibility. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect gift for basically every Mom (and actually, every person you’re close to and have photos with, or even just share memes with).

The Nixplay 10.1 inch Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame with WiFi comes in two colors — black and light wood-patterned — and displays the photos and videos that you choose. It’s a smart frame too: It’s got features like niX-Smart Face Framing, which you can toggle off or on to recognize faces and position them closer to the center of the frame (no need to crop that group pic to just show you), niX-SenseMe, which detects when people are in the room, upon which the frame turns on to start showing pictures, and turns off when it senses no people in the room to save power, and orientation recognition, so you can turn the frame portrait or landscape and the images will rotate automatically.

You can select the pictures you want the frame to display via the Nixplay app (which is available on iOS or Android), on the desktop website, or even via email, for the more technologically challenged.Connect your app to a device and you can send media from afar, which allows for both heartwarming reminders to your loved ones of your favorite memories and also fantastic pranking opportunities. Touching a picture will heart it, so you can get a response to photos you send.

The Nixplay Digital Picture Frame also hosts several sources of input, so if you want to create a family or friend-group playlist, you can. This makes photo compilations of events super easy, and is great for celebrating shared memories (or sending memes to a group, if that’s more your thing).

On top of it all, every purchase of a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame means the company will donate tree seeds to farming families in Sub-Saharan Africa via its partner Trees for the Future. That means that you’re contributing to a good cause while also bringing joy to your favorite people: what more of a good deed could there be?

Check out the Nixplay Digital Picture Frame at Amazon, on sale for $129.99.

Credit: Nixplay

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