Translate 30 languages with this $70 pocket translator


TL;DR: The Mini Portable Smart Instant Voice Translator(opens in a new tab) is on sale for $69.95 instead of $200 as of Jan. 16. Save 65% for a limited time.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a different language doesn’t have to be a barrier. Translator software like Google Translate doesn’t have the best track record, and learning a whole language before you go on a two-week trip might not be a practical use of your time. Instead, you could just carry a Mini Portable Smart Instant Voice Translator. This compact device can translate 30 different languages(opens in a new tab) at the push of a button, and it’s on sale for $69.95 (reg. $200). 

Carry 30 languages in your pocket 

This portable translator works with Korean, Japanese, French, German, Thai, Italian, Vietnamese, and so much more. You’d have to be a real globetrotter to visit every corresponding country where one of these languages is spoken. Speaking of speaking, this smart translator works with spoken or written language.

When you’re translating speech(opens in a new tab), just select both languages using the app. When you speak, hold down the “A” button until you’re done talking. A translation in the other selected language will play automatically. Repeat the process in reverse to translate for someone speaking the second language you’ve selected. To translate written language, just type in what you need interpreted using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Don’t worry about losing power mid-conversation. This device offers up to eight hours of continuous use on a two-hour charge. On standby, the battery may last for up to 25 days before it needs to be plugged in. 

Pack a lightweight portable translator for your next trip 

Create long-lasting business relationships and memories in other countries with a translator you can take almost anywhere. For a limited time, you can get the Mini Portable Smart Instant Voice Translator(opens in a new tab) on sale for just $69.95 (reg. $200). That’s 65% off for a lifetime of portable fluency. 

Prices subject to change.

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