Tuesday’s top tech news: An Apple (a) day


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Apple unleashed an M2-powered update to a couple of its product lines today, with the introduction of a new Mac Mini, as well as refreshed MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inch laptops, now available with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips inside.

Apple didn’t invite the press to Apple Park for this reveal, but it did publish this 19-minute video talking about the new chips, new computers, and how impressive they all presumably are.

As we approach Samsung’s February launch event, we’re starting to get a clearer image of what features its upcoming Galaxy smartphones could have. Today the company revealed a new 200-megapixel smartphone sensor that it says is already in mass production, and its specs match what’s rumored to be coming to the Galaxy S23 Ultra almost exactly.

But if you’re interested in more far out gadget news, then you might want to check out Dave2D’s latest video, where the YouTuber has gotten his hands on an alleged dummy model of the oft-rumored Pixel foldable. If accurate, the foldable could be planned for launch later this year.

For now, here’s a silly tweet to start your day:

  • Jan 18, 2023, 12:03 AM UTCUmar Shakir

    Samsung has expanded its self-repair program to include Galaxy parts and manuals for the S22, Plus, and Ultra — as well as its Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 laptops.

  • Don’t worry, the 14-inch MacBook Pro also has longer battery life this year.

    Why didn’t Apple mention the new 14-inch MBP’s battery during its 19-minute preso? My guess: Apple couldn’t say “the longest battery life ever in a Mac” because it’s actually shorter than the “20 hours” of the battery champ 13-inch.

    Still, both the new 14-inch and 16-inch claim to offer an extra hour over their M1 Pro predecessors, and the testing methodology hasn’t changed. I’m guessing we’ll get 11 hours from the 14-inch this year.

  • Jan 17, 2023, 7:29 PM UTCAllison Johnson

    Willow’s on-the-go in-bra pump just got a little more convenient to use. The new Apple Watch companion app includes pump controls and quick access to other info, like battery level.

  • Twitter rights its view count wrongs.

    Okay, well, the real wrong was forcing us to see them at all; Twitter hasn’t done anything about that yet (and probably won’t). But hey, now the indicator is to the right of the retweet and like numbers.

  • What’s next for the MacBook Pro?

    Plugged-in analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is updating the rumors for 2024’s MacBook Pro lineup before we even have a chance to touch the laptops Apple announced today.

    In a shocking surprise, he’s anticipating new M3 Pro / Max chips inside them, made on a 3nm process launching in the first half of the year. Sure, you could wait for those, but if the rumors hold true, the more significant jump could be due in 2025 with OLED and touchscreens.

  • You got to coordinate — your power cables.

    If you thought you were safe from new gear envy (talking about you, Dan Seifert), maybe this one thing could get you into a new M2-powered MacBook Pro 14- or 16-inch.

    9to5Mac points out that, just like the refreshed M2 MacBook Airs introduced last year, these new models also come with color-matched MagSafe charging cables, so you don’t have to choose between your Space Gray aesthetic and dedicated fast charging.

    John Witherspoon would approve.

    Space Gray M2 MacBook Pro and matching Space Gray MagSafe 3 cable.

    Space Gray M2 MacBook Pro and matching Space Gray MagSafe 3 cable.

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  • Jan 17, 2023, 2:00 PM UTCAndrew J. Hawkins

    It only took 70 years for the Corvette to find a little space for an electric motor. The new E-Ray is the first hybrid version of the eighth-generation sports car and the first to feature all-wheel drive. 

  • Green light.

    Rumors point to incoming product news from Apple today, and of course, we’ll be on top of whatever is or is not announced.

    Otherwise, a securities fraud trial over Elon Musk’s 2018 tweets about taking Tesla private is starting today in San Francisco (not Texas, as he would have preferred).

    Until then, you can get a better sense of the exec via today’s feature from Zoe Schiffer, Casey Newton, and Alex Heath.