Twitter users are serving c*nt in a way that reclaims the word


How do you “serve cunt” in a nuanced way?

“Serving cunt” is the ability to portray great realness regardless of gender. Someone is “serving cunt” when they are slaying beyond comparison; when they do something undeniably fierce. It’s all part of a reclamation of the word, which has been somewhat polarizing (at least to Americans).

“The c-word is being increasingly, if gradually, reclaimed,” Stan Carey, one of the editors of profanity blog Strong Language, told the Rolling Stone in a story about how the word has evolved and is having a moment in the U.S.(opens in a new tab) “It’s part of a long tradition of co-opting taboo words’ power. Since identity politics is now such a common and explicit part of public discourse, it makes sense that words intended as weapons against particular groups would, in some cases, be reappropriated by their targets as a way of blunting those weapons and redirecting their force.”

Recently, Twitter users have been asking the question: How do you “serve cunt” in a very specific, very nuanced way? “How do you serve cunt in a way that tracks dramaturgically?” and “how do you serve cunt in a way [that] supports public transportation?” and “this is how u serve cunt in an academic way.” And other users have been answering.


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