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Upgrade your movie experience with these home theater deals

If you want a better home movie experience than a TV in the dark, then you can start creating your own home theater. Like your own private bar or building a computer, home theaters can sound extravagant and complex, but they can be manageable to assemble. It only takes a few pieces of equipment to turn a room in your home into an immersive home theater, and with these 5 deals on screens and projectors, you can create an entertainment experience of your own. 

This zero-edge 4K, 8K, and 3D ready rejects 95% of overhead light and has no loss of resolution, even if you’re sitting directly beneath it. The fixed aluminum frame is quick to assemble and gives you a permanent, wrinkle-free screen you can mount anywhere in your home. This Fresnel screen is optimized for short-range projectors, and for a limited time, it’s on sale for $749.99 (Regularly $1099). 

Credit: Wemax

Movie buffs can analyze minute, often-missed details of their favorite films with this ambient light rejecting screen. Though it is not optimized for ultra-short projectors like the Fresnel model, this screen still gives you a full 160-degree viewing angle that holds its resolution from wherever you’re viewing. The tensioned aluminum frame keeps the screen taught and simplifies attaching it to a wall or other surface, and you can get it on sale for $549.99 (Regularly $699). 

TV screen showing blue whale

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This mobile projector weighs in at 4.65 pounds and is fully free-standing. Light enough for travel with 85% ambient light rejection, you can set up your home theater without a curtain, and even without a room for a campground movie night. Seven-layer optics give your videos a crisp image with vivid, faithful brightness that you can view day or night and get on sale for $159.99 (Regularly $199). 

Projector screen showing person jumping in skis out of screen with snowy background

Credit: Wemax

This Indiegogo-funded projector has a 300 ANSI Lumen display, built-in Wi-Fi, and can fit in a pocket. This portable projector has built-in Wi-Fi and it can produce a 15 to 100-inch 1080P image. With an HDMI port along with connections for USB-A and USB-C, you can connect a range of compatible devices, including many gaming consoles. Grab a game and for a limited time, get this projector on sale for $429.99 (Regularly $599). 

White flat projector

Credit: Wemax

This projector can display a 120-inch 1080p-resolution video that uses auto-focus and intelligent obstacle avoidance to give you an even, stunning picture. Connect a soundbar, stereo system, or game console, and use the 4-point keystone correction to customize your picture and image quality. Wirelessly connect or use the HDMI port in the back of this $999.99 (Regularly $1,199) projector.

Dark grey cube projector

Credit: Wemax

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