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What is an Access to HE Diploma?

If you’re wondering what an Access to HE Diploma is, we have everything you need to know about the qualification here!

What is an Access to HE Diploma?

An Access to HE Diploma is a nationally recognised level three qualification that offers an alternative route to university. Access to HE courses are equivalent to three A Levels and they don’t include exams. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone returning to education who are considering progressing to university in the future.  

The diplomas are designed to be completed within two years from home. Once you have successfully completed your course you will receive UCAS points to help you get into university.  

The learning materials and units are centred around the end goal of studying a specific course at university. With courses focussed on everything from healthcare to public services and business, there is an Access to HE course out there for you.  

Who is it for?

Access to HE courses are designed for anyone looking to change their career or return to education. Created for learners aged 19 and over, Access to HE Diplomas gives students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to achieve their dream career.  

We understand that it can be daunting if you haven’t studied since you left school. We have carefully designed our diplomas to meet the needs of those who are returning to education, whether they hope to boost their current career or change it entirely.  

So, whatever your circumstances, these courses can help you take your first step towards achieving your undergraduate degree.  

Getting to university…

Access to HE Diplomas are tailored to specific subject areas that will prepare you for your chosen undergraduate degree. Your course materials will provide you with relevant knowledge of your chosen subject to help you understand how to approach your degree. The course will help you develop both the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your university studies.  

As a nationally recognised qualification, Access to HE Diplomas are widely accepted by universities throughout the UK. As the equivalent to three A Levels, students will gain the UCAS points they need to support their university application.  

Universities are involved in the development of our Access to HE courses to ensure that the unit content is relevant. This means that learners completing an Access to Higher Education Diploma will feel prepared and ready to progress to university.  

Every year, approximately 20,000 students apply to a UK university having studied an Access to HE Diploma. Once they have successfully completed their diploma, they go on to study a wide range of subjects at degree level.  

Our Access to HE courses

Here at Open Study College, we offer two Access to HE courses. The first is an Access to HE Diploma (Health) course which is ideal for students looking to study a degree at university and achieve a career in healthcare, nursing, or midwifery. The second is our Access to HE Diploma (Public Services) course, which has been designed to provide students with a pathway into degrees and careers related to policing, fire and rescue, law and criminology, and the military. 

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