‘Yellowjackets’: We think we know whose body is being carried in the trailer


We’re a good chunk into Yellowjackets Season 2 now, and that can only mean one thing: Time to go back to the trailer and comb through it again for clues we may have missed.

The standout shot, upon rewatching? That brief glimpse of the team carrying a body tied to a wooden pole through the snowy wilderness.

You can see the shot if you jump to 2:19 in the video below. It’s only a few seconds long, but it’s one of the few key moments in the trailer we haven’t seen in the show yet.

So, who is the (presumably dead) person they’re carrying? Let’s see if we can work it out…

What’s the person being carried wearing?

Obviously we don’t see any of the unfortunate soul’s facial features, or too much else we can use to identify them. But we do have some things to go on. Namely, their gloves, the arms of the coat/jacket they’re wearing, and their shoes. The soles of the shoes, it’s fair to say, don’t really tell us much, apart from the fact the person can’t be Coach Ben (Steven Krueger) due to the fact they have both legs intact. The gloves/coat combo might tell us more, though. Let’s go in for a close-up:

Credit: YouTube/Showtime

OK, so brown gloves and what looks like a dark grey jacket. Noted.

The next question, of course, is which characters could feasibly be tied to that pole, based on who we know that’s in the wilderness but doesn’t appear in the present day. From our previous calculations, this whittles the possibilities down to Mari (Alexa Barajas), Akilah (Nia Sondaya), Gen (Mya Lowe), Melissa (Jenna Burgess), Crystal (Nuha Jes Izman), or the newly returned Javi (Luciano Leroux).

Our initial thought was that it might be Crystal, and that the girls may be retrieving her body after her unfortunate “accident” with Misty (Samantha Hanratty). But a rewatch of Crystal’s tragic death scene rules that theory out, because as always, she’s wearing purple gloves and a pale coat.

A woman with purple gloves and a white coat stands in the snowy wildnerness.
Nope. Doesn’t fit.
Credit: Showtime

In fact if we look at the gloves/coat combinations of most of the characters, we can probably rule out a whole bunch of them.

A group of girls stand in the snowy wilderness outside a cabin.
No brown gloves and dark jacket there.
Credit: Kailey Schwerman/Showtime

So who is the person being carried?

Our theory, and the only person who seems to fit at this stage? Javi.

After appearing to be dead for the first part of Season 2, Travis’ brother (Kelvin Alves) is now back with the Yellowjackets after his mysterious absence. And in the moments when he can be seen sitting with his big brother in episode 5, it certainly looks like his gloves and jacket could match those of the figure being carried in the trailer.

Travis, it’s worth noting, is absent from the shot of the body being carried, too. Maybe the moment was too painful for him to be involved? Could Javi have met some kind of accident out in the wilderness that resulted in his death? Or maybe something more sinister?

It’s too early to say the why, but we think we at least now know the who.

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