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YouTube TV is $10 off for your first three months

Just in time for Super Bowl season, a three-month subscription to the YouTube TV streaming service is a little more affordable. Right now, new subscribers can pay $54.99 each month instead of $64.99 for your first three months. Normally, that would cost you around $195, so that means you’ll pay $165 by the end of this discount period.

That’s still expensive, but it’s a welcome discount for a service that significantly gone up in price within the last few years. Nevertheless, it’s a solid streaming app if you want many channels on-demand (with DVR capabilities available), presented in a familiar YouTube interface. For this price, you’ll get access to over 85 major channels, covering live sports, news, entertainment, and more. It also includes unlimited recording for up to six accounts, and you can cancel whenever you’d like.

YouTube TV subscription (first three-months)

  • $55
  • $65
  • 16% off

YouTube TV offers access to over 85 major channels covering live sports, news, entertainment, and more such as NBC, Comedy Central, ABC, MTV, CBS, FOX, CNN, and ESPN. It also includes unlimited recording for up to six accounts.

Apple’s AirPods Max over-ear headphones sold for their lowest price ever during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In case you missed out on that deal, you have another chance at saving big today. For the first time since the holidays, you can buy the headphones in the sky blue colorway for $449 from Amazon, which is just $20 shy of their best price ever. That equates to a savings of $100 on some of the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy right now.

As we noted in our review, Apple’s over-ear headphones offer excellent sound quality, while boasting great spatial audio features so you can better immerse yourself in a movie or compatible music. The headphones are comfortable to wear for a long time as well thanks to their breathable knit mesh canopy. While $449 is still quite expensive, this could be a good deal for those deeply embedded within the Apple ecosystem given how seamlessly these headphones can also pair with other Apple devices.

When we first published our review of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra one year ago, we called it the best Android phone on the market. We were impressed with the huge phone’s excellent camera system, as well as its stunning 6.8-inch dynamic OLED screen that boasts a high refresh rate. We appreciated its lengthy battery life, too, as well as how fast the Snapdragon 888 processor-powered phone is.

Though, almost a full year out from its release, we wouldn’t suggest paying $1,199.99 — its original price. However, if you can be swayed by a decent deal, Amazon is selling the phantom black, 128GB model for $1049.99 today, saving you $150. That’s the lowest we’ve seen it sell for since the holidays.

Note, Samsung will soon release the Galaxy S22 series. It’s unclear exactly when, but that means we’ll likely see even more discounts on the Galaxy S21 lineup sooner rather than later. Still, if you can’t wait, this is a good deal for now.

On the market for a budget-friendly tablet? Amazon is selling its 2020 Fire HD 8 tablets for half-off, with the ad-supported, 32GB base model starting at $44.99 instead of $89.99. If you want slightly more RAM and wireless charging, the Fire HD 8 Plus is also 50 percent off, selling for $54.99 instead of $109.99.

Regardless of which you buy, both offer a USB-C port for faster charging, and have a faster processor than their predecessors. While app selection is limited to Amazon’s Appstore, that still gives you access to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Zoom, Outlook, and more. If you’re leaning toward the Fire HD 8 Plus, The Verge’s Dieter Bohn pointed out in his review that you can use the Plus as an Echo Show if you purchase Amazon’s wireless charging dock alongside the tablet. Doing so costs $108, down from $163.

Here are some even more deals to treat yourself to this weekend:

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